Have you been denied medical care, faced discrimination, invasion of privacy, or lost your job over your COVID vaccination and masking status? 

*IF you lose your job or are asked to give reasoning for not masking/testing/vaccinating do not respond without contacting an attorney first. Doing so can harm your future litigation case if necessary.



The Iowa vaccine passport bill (HF889) was
signed into law on May 20th, 2021.

This bill sets the stage for legalized discrimination
in our state by allowing private businesses and medical facilities to utilize vaccine passports. 

Iowans were promised the issue of discrimination, privacy infringements, denial of care, and terminations would be addressed if they occurred. That can only happen if violations get reported. 

When you complete the reporting form it automatically gets forwarded to Representative Steven Holt, Senator Jake Chapman, and the Governor’s legislative liaison Logan Shine. 


with any further questions, additionally if you

don’t hear back from a legislator within 7 business days please inform us of the delay through

the contact form as well.



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